A Note from Ruth Tuttle Conard
Founder and Pastoral Director of Designed To Be Pillars

In 2005, God gave me the direction and courage to embrace a vision planted in my heart for Designed To Be Pillars. In Psalm 144:12b, David writes one of his heart’s longings: “May our daughters be like corner pillars, fashioned for a palace.”

The strength behind that imagery arrested me. From a very young age, I’ve loved God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the mission of the church, and the church family, but mine has been a long journey to find a “consistent” God for women.

While I deeply sensed the gifts and callings sewn into my very being, I kept encountering cultural and religious barriers that can divert women from embracing their God-given design. It really doesn’t matter the country or the culture. Women hunger to understand and embrace God’s unconditional love for them, individually, along with the freedom to accept who they are in Christ–blessed daughters, designer women, and pillars in His Kingdom!

After serving God in South America as a missionary with my husband, Bill, for 20 years, raising three children, being invited to speak in more than 20 countries, and in my 50s becoming an ordained minister upon receiving a Master of Divinity degree from Bethel Seminary (St. Paul, MN), my passion became clear.

Flowing from the wisdom of His Word and in growing relationship with Him, I’m pleased to declare the consistent God I have found.

  • Consistent in His love and esteem for women
  • Consistent in redeeming us from the curse
  • Consistent in acknowledging us as responsible and dependable disciples
  • Consistent in gifting us with the gifts of His choice
  • Consistent in calling us to minister with Him, alongside our brothers
  • Consistent in blessing us with love unimaginable and with the outpouring of His Holy Spirit

My deep love for women is rooted in years of praying, serving, mentoring, teaching, and suffering alongside women in various parts of the world. There is no one like you or me on this earth, so let’s stand tall, empowered to live by His design.


Ruth is available as a keynote speaker, as well as for multi-session seminars, weekend retreats and/or semi-silent retreats, and for special events. CLICK HERE for a list of just a few of the topics that can be adapted for various venues.