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Advent: The Time Inbetween

ADVENT – The “Time Between”

just an ordinary day…

The flock was large,
The day was hot
When Moses got
Distracted by a Flame.

Great legal tasks
Kept her seated
Until Deborah retreated,
Beckoned by a Voice.

Fearless with rage,
Leader of dread,
Yet Paul became led,
Blinded by the Light.

Happy in her life,
Minding the important,
Mary made potent,
Transformed by a Visit.

Will I take the time to
Look, stop, listen
For the extraordinary –
To obey on this day
Which seems so ordinary?

©️2007, Ruth Tuttle Conard


Consider: Exodus 3:1-5; Judges 4:4-6; Acts 8:1-5; Luke 1:26-28.
– What similarities/differences are there between you and these Bible characters?
– How, when and where are you aware of God’s presence in your life?

Matthew 24:42, 44- (probably on an “ordinary day:”)
JESÚS said: “Therefore, stay alert! You don’t know the day the Lord is coming…Therefore, you also should be prepared, because the Son of Man will come at a time you don’t know.”
– Are you, am I, alert, prepared for Christ’s 2nd Coming…even today?

(A day like any other…)

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