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Advent: Fullness of Time

ADVENT – the Time Between

fullness of time…

Do you believe in a promise unseen,
In a “fullness of time” incomplete?
Are you strong to rise up in unwavering faith,
While waiting in fear – then repeat?

Does “fullness of time” draw you closer to God,
Bend your will in submission to Him?
Or as some gone before,
Do you turn, close the door-
Then weep for what might have been?

All promises given by God in Christ,
Are “Yes” with resounding “Amen,”
Let us rise in abandonment, glorious faith,
Proclaim Christ’s Reign without end!

©️11/2017, Ruth Tuttle Conard


Galatians 4:4- “But when the fulfillment of the time [in other versions, “fullness of time”] came, God sent His Son, born through a woman, and born under the Law. This was so He could redeem those under the Law so that we could be adopted.”
Read also Jeremiah 33:14-16. and Luke 1:31-33.

  • How many years transpired between Jeremiah’s prophecy and Gabriel’s word to Mary?
  • What promises has God fulfilled for you? How long did it take according to your human timeline?
  • Take time to thank the Father for answering. Ask for renewed faith to believe what you cannot see yet, but are still trusting God for.

(This ancient church is just outside Hever Castle where Ann Boleyn grew up. It dates from the 1200’s, built on the site of an earlier Norman church. It has been a place of worship for the past 875 years, at least. Think of all the prayers ascending to God and the devout disciples who kept worshipping God and following on no matter the circumstances…awe inspiring!)

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