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Season of Epiphany 2018

Epiphany, in the Christian Calendar, begins on January 6, Celebration of the Wise Men following the star to the house where they bowed before the child, Jesus. It ends February 13, Tuesday, just before the Season of Lent.

Epiphany – a literary term for a movement from ignorance to insight when something significant is learned. The term is best “reserved for stories in which the whole action moves toward a climatic moment of insight into the nature of people or reality or (more often) the nature of God.”

The Bible is full of stories with “moments of epiphany in which characters have a sudden experience of realization…the list of characters [in the Old Testament] who recognize God’s presence in the midst of extraordinary experiences [is expansive].”

As we enter the New Testament, think of all those who slowly or immediately received insight into the divine identity of Jesus as Messiah and Savior in their lives. The first characters to recognize him as the Messiah are Zechariah (Luke 1:67-80), Simeon (Luke 2:25-35) and Anna (Luke 2:36-38).

In this Season, may each of us take the time and use good resources at hand “to watch, wait, listen, look, and anticipate the light, life, and truth of the Lord’s presence in our midst.”

Luke 24:32 “They said to each other, ‘Were not our hearts burning within us while he [Jesus] was talking to us on the road, while he [Jesus] was opening the scriptures to us?'”

Epiphany…may we have “burning hearts!”

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