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Advent Poetry: Fullness of Time (#4)

fullness of time…

Do you believe in a promise unseen,
In a “fullness of time,” incomplete?
Are you strong to rise up in unwavering faith,
While waiting with fear — then repeat?

Does “fullness of time” draw you closer to God,
Bend your will in submission to Him?
Or as ancestors before
Do you turn, close the door —
And weep for what might have been?

All promises given by God in Christ
Are “Yes,” with resounding “Amen;”
Let us rise in abandonment, glorious faith,
Into Christ’s reign without end!

copyright 11/27/2017, by Ruth Tuttle Conard


Galatians 4:4
Jeremiah 33:14-16
Luke 1:31-33

  • How many years transpired between Jeremiah’s prophecy and Gabriel’s word to Mary?
  • What promise has God given you? Write it down with the date beside it.
  • What other promises has God fulfilled for you? – – How long did it take for fulfillment, according to your human timeline?
  • Take time to praise and thank the Father for His answers.

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