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Advent Poetry: Door to Advent (1)

Advent (time of anticipation) is coming. It begins December 3, four Sundays before Christmas. Whenever I go on a trip, I need a time of “priming” (preparation, getting ready) in order to truly anticipate what is coming.

I trust these simple thoughts (over the next 3 weeks) will do that for us…get us ready, prepared to welcome Advent with open hearts.

Door to Advent (#1)

Nothing is impossible
For You, my Holy Lord;
You shake the leaves from off the trees,
From death to green, restore.

Nothing is impossible
For You, my Living Christ;
You use the weak, confound the strong,
To all who seek, bring life.

Nothing is impossible
For You, my Loving Lord;
In times of doubt, illness, fear,
Your power brings a sword

To cut through
Lies, despair, remorse,
As You renew my joy and hope,
As one You loved at cost.

“For not any word (literal meaning) will be impossible with God.”

copyright, 11/16/2017, Ruth Tuttle Conard

Reflect: Genesis 18:14; Jeremiah 32:17; Matthew 19:26.

—In what impossible circumstances were these same words previously spoken?
—Who was the person being spoken to or the person speaking?
—Do you face an impossibility? What are God’s reassuring words to you today?

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