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Lent Season: The Wilderness

1st Sunday – LENT

This wilderness is beautiful,
Not arid miles of sand;
Yet Satan prowls ‘mid lovely greens;
In wilderness I am.

Here will I choose God’s truth-filled Word,
Claiming peace and power,
Or struggle still within the webs
Of earth-bound murky hours?

By God’s grace I choose to stand,
Believing the unseen;
For all I cannot understand,
Has fully been redeemed.

Light fills life where now I am,
Since faith, forgiveness, praise,
Replace the subtleties of lies,
Giving hope for this new day.

copyright, 2009, Ruth Tuttle Conard, from her book, Aware of His Sufferings.

Ponder: Matthew 4:1-11; Joel 2:12-13; Genesis 2:15-17, 3:1-7; Romans 5:12-19.

What legitimate needs does Satan use to tempt you? Can you identify them?

From the thoughts of Karoline Lewis, from the site “Working Preacher,”: “The message from Matthew is not “resist temptation” but to take a closer look at it, think about it, do a 360, and figure out just what are those things that lead you astray.”

According to the prophet Joel, what is God’s desire for us in our “desert?” What are some steps he suggests to move ourselves back into God’s blessing?

How can you and I practically apply the HOPE of Romans 5:12-19, so “faith, forgiveness, praise” fills us with HOPE for this new day?

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