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Lent Season: On the Way

Lent: On the way…

The Lamb, on way to slaughter,
Heard a cry and paused to see
A woman, bent quite out of shape,
Grounded in defeat.

This Lamb, a Shepherd, too, by trade,
Strode into sinagogue;
Called, touched, and healed desperate one,
Who’d lived a life so mocked.

While anger swirled ’bout our King,
Lamb, yet Shepherd strong,
Christ reveled in her standing praise,
She joins pure hearts in song:

“Worthy is the Lamb who was slain,
To receive power and wealth and wisdom and strength,
And honor and glory and praise!”

copyright, 3/9/17, Ruth Tuttle Conard
Senator lounge mural-Frankfurt, Germany

Ponder: Luke 13:10-17

In what ways have Christ’s gentle and gracious actions toward you affected the way you sit, walk and stand?

Write your thoughts: Give Praise to Christ.

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