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Lent Season: Free Indeed

Free indeed…

She bowed her head and wept,
For choices formed
The chains that bound her,
Not the words He said:

“If the Son shall set you free,
You shall be free indeed.”

On the road to suffering,
Christ paused beside her chains;
Stopped, stooped, offered help –
A new name now she claims!

Beautiful, Daughter of Abraham,
Beloved, Chosen,
Royal Priesthood,
Child of the King!

copyright, 3/24/2017, Ruth Tuttle Conard
(Picture: beautifully painted ceramic of Naples, Italy–beautiful on the outside but devastatingly dark within, as many of our own cities: Pray for our sisters and brothers there, armored in the Spirit and fighting the “powers of this present darkness.”)

Reflect: John 8:31-36

Like in the poem, have you found that your choices have formed chains that bind you, instead of the freedom Christ offers in John 8?

What small steps can you take towards freedom?

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