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DO Your Life, Dear Daughter (a Poem)


DO your life, dear daughter,
Only one chance is given,
To stretch to the fullest in God-formed design,
Created for you in the heavens.

DO your life, dear daughter,
Unhampered by divisive word puzzles;
Proud peoples try to pull you down,
Satan’s ploy – always to muzzle.

DO your life, dear daughter,
Above all – obedience to Christ;
Gifted by Spirit, loved by Father,
Do as He asks day and night.

To preach — then preach,
To lead — oh, lead,
If to pastor – straight from your heart;
If prophecy – then prophesy,
If tongues – to bless,
If discernment – release truth as your part.

DO your life, dear daughter,
As Pillars connect heaven to earth –
Pray and weep; dance and sing,
Many children continue to birth…

for the Kingdom’s sake.

copyright, 5/26/2016
Ruth Tuttle Conard

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