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Semi-Silent Retreat Recap


“Come away,” says Jesus.  May 6-7, women did!  We met for 24 hours at the quaintly beautiful Dunrovin Retreat Center on the sparkling St. Croix, outside of Stillwater, Minn.

Basking in Christ’s presence included needed sleep, reflection in God’s Word through journaling, coloring, and delighting in God’s out-of-doors spring creation, prayerfully submitting our faculties (mind, mouth and limbs) to the Holy Spirit’s renewal.  Laughter with others refreshed us.  What was turned off and tuned out were cell phones and chatter, worries and doubts.

“How lovely are Your dwelling places,” writes the Psalmist.  We felt like we were beginning to cross the threshold into those dwelling places…

One participant wrote later…”Thank you again for organizing the lovely retreat.  I truly enjoyed my time with the Lord and left with such peace that only He can give.”

We hope you’ll join us for our next one!  Keep watching for the dates.


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