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Remembered (Holy Week Reflection: Friday)



Woman of Bethany,
Ear to the ground,
Uncaring of whisperers,
She hears distant sound

Of Eternal longings,
The Father’s desire,
For Son’s sweet anointing,
Her heart set on fire

With love for this God-man,
The oil now released,
Perfume drowns out taunting;
Praise takes down retreat.

Her memory continues,
Entwined with our Lord;
She bowed not to custom,
But before her Adored.

Copyright, 3/25/2016
Ruth Tuttle Conard


Read Mark 14:1-8. Read the passage slowly, aware of the word or phrase that draws your attention. Why does it draw your attention? How does it stir your heart to pray?

Jesus approaches his crucifixion, death and entombment with garments already anointed with costly, perfumed oil – a courageous act by a faith-filled woman. In Mark 8:31, 32 Jesus had spoken clearly to the disciples about his impending death, but only the woman in this passage seems to believe Him. Jesus was honored and honored her because of this act of love and faith.

Jesus prophesied: “Truly I tell you, wherever this good news is proclaimed in the whole world, what she has done will be told in remembrance of her.”

And so it is. In Africa, Asia, Norh and South America, I have heard this passage read aloud and preached. One time in particular stands out. We were sitting in a hut of Peruvian Christians, deep in the jungle. Celebrating the Lord’s Supper (Communion) with a small glass of koolaide and crackers, around a small, low table, teetering on an uneven dirt floor, a man read this passage, and praised God for the powerful faith of this woman. Weeping, he asked God to give each of us this unnamed woman’s faithful, loving actions toward Christ in our daily lives. He was not the only one weeping…

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