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The Essence of Biblical Pillars

Travelling in Israel and Jordan (The Middle East/Asia), Greece and Italy (Europe), I was awed by the multiplicity of pillars we continuously saw: Pillars, from thousands of years ago, laying on their sides along roads and in unplowed fields, broken, partial great and grand pieces, their decapitated crowns, intricately sculptured, stuck in the earth yards away. Ancient, massive pillars still standing, pillars in unending rows, seemingly unmovable, unshakeable through eons of wars, earthquakes, floods, intense and mighty winds.

Psalm 144:12b began to take on an expanded, deeper meaning…may our daughters be as pillars, designed for the corner of a palace. In Nazareth our Messianic Jewish guide commented that the pillars of the synagogue “created space.” Pillars create and define space – perhaps for individual and distinct groupings or for special gatherings. The Pulpit Commentary suggests: “The daughters are like carved pillars, lighting up the angular recesses of the structure.

In ancient times, pillars were important for adornment, for lifting the view from the terrestrial toward the spatial, the eternal. In homes, pillars denoted blessing as well as wealth. They symbolized strength, power, beauty, stability.

This is the image God impresses on King David’s mind in relation to the feminine. Nothing weak, sickly or one dimensional. Instead, the image is three dimensional, of strength and beauty, unique and visible. We, my sisters, have a vital role to play in our societies, our homes, and in the church communities to which God has called us. It is one of leadership, discernment, vision, nurture and mentoring. This role is multifaceted, according to God’s gifting of us.

Questions to consider:

1. How do you view yourself? As a pillar or otherwise? Name how you see yourself.

2. Does your self-view line up with God’s view? Why or why not?

3. As a pillar, do you create a welcoming space for others? How?

4. As a pillar, how do you bring light to the angular recesses of the structures of your home, the

society, your church community?

I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalm 139:14



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